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St Michael statue - 1.15m (SELF PICK UP ONLY)

St Michael statue - 1.15m (SELF PICK UP ONLY)

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This is one of the most famous depictions of St. Michael is as the archangel, defeating Satan. This portrayal often shows St. Michael wielding a sword and standing triumphantly over a defeated Satan, who is often depicted as a dragon or serpent.

Placing a statue of St. Michael in your home can be a beautiful and meaningful way to display your devotion to the saint and to invite his protection and guidance into your life.

Material:  Poly Stone

Size: 115cm HT X 79cm width X 27cm depth

Weight: 3kg

Size of box: 150 X 90 X 50cm 

Product code:  S/VN82-AZZ


Kindly note that this item is only for SELF-PICK up at our retail outlet. Please state the time that you would like to drop by for collection under 'Special Instruction for Seller' when placing order on our website.

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