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Polystone Gold Wall Angels (Pair)

Polystone Gold Wall Angels (Pair)

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Placing angels near the altar is seen as a way to invoke their intercession and safeguard the sacred space of the altar and the Eucharistic celebration.

They are believed to be celestial beings created by God to serve as messengers and intermediaries between heaven and earth, hence their presence at the altar symbolizes the spiritual realm's connection to the earthly liturgy and emphasizes the belief in the communion of saint

This pair of Gold gilded polystone angels  portray a picture of peace.. Popular inside  the home, these angels will make the perfect gift for anyone among your friends, family and other loved ones.  

Material:  Polystone

Measurement of statue: 40cm 

Measurement of box:  50 x 50 x 15cm

Volumetric Weight:  4kg

Product code:  S/VT82B-IA

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