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Paracord Wood Pocket Rosary with Medal - One Decade

Paracord Wood Pocket Rosary with Medal - One Decade

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The paracord wood pocket rosary is a beautifully handcrafted piece combining rugged durability with elegant design. Made from high-quality paracord and natural maple wood beads, this rosary is the perfect companion for anyone seeking a deeper connection to their faith. It can be used as a car rosary, placed on the indicator or gear stick. This pocket rosary is small and compact, can be carried anywhere you go. Features a St Benedict crucifix which is believed to offer protection against evil and temptation. 

Size of rosary:   28.5cm (Length from medal to crucifix)

Size of beads:  10mm 

Material:  Maple wood beads, 550 paracord & alloy medal and cross 

Product code:  R70-A

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