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Christmas Gift Set I

Christmas Gift Set I

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A gift set consisting of a Christmas table/door wreath,  a 3d Angel Nightlight (choice of 3 designs) and  a Christmas gift card.

This unique Porcelain Night Light is known a "lithophane," a beautiful three-dimensional porcelain transparency. Artwork is etched onto a sheet of very thin translucent porcelain to create the lithophane. The 3 cupids design appears in warm gold tones and can only be clearly seen when it is lit from behind. To fully appreciate the beauty of this unique nightlight, one must really see it in a darkened room.

These are all packed in a beautiful box  perfect for this Christmas's easy gifting.

Product code: GF72-JA

Size of box:  20 x 20 x 6.5cm

Weight:  1kg

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