Portable Box Altar for Small Spaces

Portable Box Altar for Small Spaces

Portable Box Altar

Of all the things we need to make time for in our days, its prayer. Creating a prayer altar is a visual reminder to take a break from our hectic schedule and to spend some time thanking and listening to the Lord.

Setting up a prayer altar is a beautiful opportunity to teach the children about the Catholic faith.

"A family who prays together stays together".

You don’t need a lot of room to set up an altar in your home. All you need is one area to place your favorite devotionals such as statues, pictures, a crucifix, bible, rosary beads.

This portable box altar is launched to provide an option to those facing space constrains in their homes. It can be used as a mini altar for small spaces in the home/apartments or as a travel shrine for yourself or a loved one.

This portable box altar is created using a leather bound wood box resembling a mini catholic altar complete with Our Lady of Fatima statue, Divine Mercy image, a Holy spirit cross, prayer cards and tealight candles.

The front and back covers are bound with the art print featuring image of Crucified Christ.

On the inside, the lid displays an art image of the Divine Mercy, a reminder to always trust in Him.

On the inside of the box there is a beautiful Holy Spirit cross hanging above the serene Our Lady of Fatima statue.

A crystal one decade rosary, prayer cards to Our Lady and led tealight candles are ready on hand for daily prayers.

The box can stand alone as a piece of art, in a vertical or flat position. It can be placed on a shelf, coffee table anywhere in the homes and condominiums.

It will be an ideal gift for new homes, newly baptised, and other sacramental celebrations as it will encourage them in their walk with God and their prayer life.

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