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Stainless Steel St Michael Medal/Chain set

Stainless Steel St Michael Medal/Chain set

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This St. Michael medal is a religious symbol associated with Saint Michael the Archangel, who is considered a powerful figure in various religious traditions, including Christianity and Judaism. Saint Michael is known as the leader of the heavenly armies and the protector against evil forces. He is often depicted as a warrior, defeating Satan and other malevolent beings.

The St. Michael medal usually features an image of Saint Michael in the act of defeating or casting out Satan or a dragon. This depiction is inspired by the Book of Revelation in the Bible, where Michael and his angels battle against the dragon (representing Satan) and his angels.

The St. Michael medal is worn as a form of devotion and protection by believers. It is common for Catholics, in particular, to wear or carry a St. Michael medal as a tangible reminder of their faith and as a symbol of seeking the Archangel's intercession in times of spiritual warfare and protection from evil.

Material:  Stainless Steel

Size of medal:  2cm diametre

Color:. Silver,

Weight:  8g

Product code:  RJ188

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